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June and almost summer!

And summer is the time when we become more physical - more aware of our bodies. We wear less clothes and feel the sun and breeze on our skin and maybe enjoy being ourselves a little more.

In 2016 Slavin wrote " As is increasingly clear in science the physical brain, body's experiencing organ and mind, the psyche are one unity".

It seems to me that this coincides nicely with 'mindfulness'. What I mean by this is that if we truly listen to our bodies - our bodies will give us messages - tell us - about what is happening in our psyche; we ignore this at our peril!

Freud wrote "a man's states of mind are manifold, almost without exception, in the tensions and relaxations of his facial muscles, in the adaptations of his eyes, in the modifications of his vocal apparatus and in the movement of his limbs and in particular of his hands".

So if we consider the synthesis of mind, body and psyche as counsellors we can find more pathways to help our clients; in their turn our clients by paying attention to 'mindfulness' - by being in the present can perhaps find a better understanding of themselves.

We are all on a journey and I believe that anything, any tool that can help us on our way is worth considering. Perhaps this is why mindfulness and meditation are so prominent and popular today - eliciting interest from many quarters including health professionals and neuroscientists.

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