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Nearly Spring - But Locked In

I think we have all been shocked by this virus. Perhaps we are shocked by speed with which it has overtaken us. It seemed to be something happening far away. Suddenly it is with us. We are having to live by different rules. We hear about people who are losing their lives. We hear about key workers who do not have the correct equipment - we hear about people who are exhausted. And we are told to stay home.

For some staying at home is comfortable maybe they have space, a garden and family around them. But for some there is not a garden. Maybe their home is too small and there are too many people in that home. For some relationships are strange or stressful. And for some there is the fear for a vulnerable family member far away or a vulnerable family member at home and the effort is to keep them safe.

We all have to find our own way of surviving this. And as with critical times of year - Christmas, holidays and so on, when tensions arise and cracks in relationships are revealed, or perhaps it is our feelings about the way our life is going that shock us.

Talking Helps!

So this why I and many of my colleagues are offering counselling through the internet, by video or audio as talking can help - particularly at this difficult time when such a major change is happening not only in our live but in the whole world.

How we feed and nourish our bodies matters especially at this time. The food or what we put into our bodies can make us feel good or not so good - or in the case of alcohol and some mind altering substances makes us feel good then makes us feel bad.
Our choice.
Exercise - there is more and more proof that exercise is helpful both for our general health and for our mental health. Exercise can make a difference to depression and exercise can alleviate it to some degree. The government recognise this with advice that people can leave their homes to exercise.

Sleep, and of course some are having difficulty sleeping at this time but - as with exercise there is more evidence about the value of sleep and getting enough sleep.

Finally - back to talking, counselling - therapy call it what you will. What it is, is two people, one person listening with the sole object of helping the other person. This is a relationship like no other because one person will not reveal anything about themselves and the other person talks about themselves and that may be in considerable detail and honesty.

This is where and when the miracle can happen. The person who is listening finds a way to help the person who is talking understand what is troubling them. S/he finds a way to assist that person who is talking - to find their way to recovery and healing.

To be a counsellor is a privilege and I am grateful to those people who have shared with me and who have allowed me to walk some of the way with them on this journey called life.

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